Leadership Practices Maximize the Probability of Success

by addressing the human factors in life science development
image Build upon the experience of someone who has been where you are. Our approach combines the best of leadership research, principles, and practices with our hands-on concept to market industry expertise.

Our mission is to empower new and seasoned leaders everywhere who want to truly enjoy their work and maximize their potential for themselves, their team, and their company.

Five ways your leadership impacts your career and development programs.

Executive Coaching

Solving and Preventing Problems

When you become a PBC client, we work hard to earn your trust so you'll think of us as that friend you can turn to for frank, practical advice that can keep your leadership on track to achieve your critical objectives. Leadership practices are critical to remaining effective as a company changes, whether through growth, entering the market, downsizing, reorganization, acquisition, or changes in the competitive landscape. We can assist you in being prepared for how leadership focus and practice should adapt to navigate the change successfully.

Over time, it is inevitable that certain problems will arise. This is often due to out-of-tune leadership practices. We can help you analyze the situation and advise you how to course correct.

Nancy is a highly-qualified sounding board and an unbiased colleague you can trust to advise you as someone who has "been there, done that." Explore how PBC can help you and your company achieve your life science objectives faster, with less effort and development risk.

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Leadership Coaching : Context-Driven for Life Science

Leadership is life-long work in progress. For those who want to ensure that their leadership knowledge and skills are exemplary at every level, we offer comprehensive coaching where we work together to fine-tune all the elements of leadership to help achieve a quality of leadership that resonates with your company and investors alike. We'll address all six elements of leadership to identify areas to fine-tune your leadership practices. We'll develop steps to :

  1. Discover increased personal satisfaction and spread it throughout your company
  2. Maintain an inspiring and authentic vision
  3. Benefit from a fine-tuned competitive strategy that is true to your vision
  4. Build a world-class team that wants to work for you
  5. Achieve your objectives using less time and money
  6. Foster the kind of innovation that makes your products the best in the business
  7. Lead a company that becomes or remains one of the 10-20% of success stories greatly benefiting you and everyone relying on your leadership

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Online Executive Education

Free training and online programs on best practices in life science leadership are offered periodically. We are continually working to increase their value to you with each offering. All our programs are anchored by the best research and teachings curated for the leadership of life science teams interpreted using our first-hand knowledge of how the challenges change from start-up to a public commercial-stage company.

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