Fine-Tune Your Bioscience Leadership Practices to Maximize the Probability of Success

Build upon the experience of someone who has been where you are.
image The challenges faced in our journey to reach the market are many. Fine-tuning your bioscience leadership is one of the most fundamental things we can do better to ensure the success of our program(s), no matter what the specific science and technology challenges are.

Leadership experts all agree that exemplary leadership requires ongoing care and attention.

Our proprietary BioLeader Tune-Up™ is the best of leadership research, principles, and practices combined with our hard-earned knowledge and experience. Nancy developed the program to pay it forward and broaden PBC's reach to bioscience leaders everywhere who want to maximize their impact for themselves, their team, and their company.

The BioLeader Tune-Up, anchored by the best research and teachings from Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Mamgement Review, Peter Drucker and others, are curated for bioscience and combined with conceept to market expertise.

Nancy knows what success entails having dealt with the challenges of:
  • Developing a first-in-class therapy
  • Achieving a best-in-class therapy
  • Successful translation in a new field of science and engineering
  • Achieving company-sustaining commercial and patient value

    The BioLeader Tune-Up includes:
  1. Guided self-assessment
  2. The best research and advice from leadership experts
  3. Peer support through live weekly mastermind sessions  

  4. Start by attending an Executive Briefing on Leadership That Delivers. In the live, limited attendance briefing Nancy demonstrates how fine-tuning practices in the six essential parts of leadership will lead to better decisions, a clearer path, and superior execution while avoiding costly pitfalls that add unnecessary risk to your programs; included are three foundational principles that are the "special sauce" that binds the six elements together in a way that empowers a successful bioscience program concept to market. Nancy provides details on the BioLeader Tune-Up and how to continue work on your leadership no strings attached at the end of the free briefing (attending a briefing is required before enrolling).

    Briefings are by invitation. Please contact us to request an invitation.


    Expert Guidance For Your Specific Needs

    We're also here for you when more specific help is needed. Whether you're facing a management, complex science, or development challenge, we've likely faced something similar. When you become a PBC client, we work hard to earn your trust so you'll come to think of us as that friend you can turn to for honest advice that can keep you on track to achieve your critical objectives.

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