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Our primary mission is to support you in being wise, astute leaders in bioscience development in whatever way we can. We've joined AdvisoryCloud™ to provide clients large and small an easy and affordable way to first get to know us while working with us on a confidential, non-exclusive basis. Go ahead, ask a question or book a meeting. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

More extensive, application/technology-exclusive involvement is negotiable on a case by case basis.


Learn Skills That Can Place You Ahead of the Curve

Learn first-hand from one of the wisest biologists in biotech. Attend an MBB Workshop!
image Our educational mission is to pass on the skills and tools that we've learned in the 40 plus years we've been involved in biotech. We've seen a lot, accomplished a lot, and have learned a lot. Our leader, Dr. Nancy Parenteau is internationally known for her translation of biology. During her years building the best core competencies in tissue engineering, her unmatched achievment in delivering first- and still best-in-class therapy, interactions with clients, discussions with high ranking pharma executives, or getting back to basics in her own start-ups, one thing has become clear: Adept translation of complex biology isn't commonplace yet it is desperately needed in research labs and companies large and small.

Now it's time to pass on our insights, skills and tools to a new generation of leading translational scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. Learn from our experience and acquire the skills and tools needed to prioritize, interpret and translate biological data as few can.

We invite you to become part of a special group of "translational biologists" that can truly lead the way–all the way to impactful patient outcomes. Our inaugural workshop on Mastering the Bio in Bioscience (MBB) is planned for Q4 of 2019 in the Boston area. Details will be forthcoming but be aware that MBB workshop spaces will be limited to maximize your educational and networking experiences. So if becoming part of a new, elite group of translational scientists and engineers excites you, we urge you to submit your contact info as soon as possible to receive an MBB application and workshop details as soon as they are available. Rest assured your information will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

While you're awaiting more exciting workshop details, check out some of our oldie but goodie white papers and presentations.