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Nancy L. Parenteau, Ph.D.  

                                          ParenteauDr. Parenteau is a biotechnology pioneer and award-winning biologist with over 20 years of experience as a senior industry executive, including the advance of first-in-class bioscience from concept to the market. She is the former Senior Vice President ad CSO of Organogenesis and was co-founder and CEO of a biotech start-up, Amaranth Bio, Inc.
She brings many years of hands-on research and management experience to the challenge of bioscience development, having built and managed top cross-disciplinary teams of engineers, biochemists, cell and molecular biologists, and immunologists.

Nancy has operated at technology's cutting edge throughout her career from her academic beginnings in monoclonal antibody research in its earliest days while at Georgetown, developing a novel ELISA assay commercialized while a Harvard postdoc, to pioneering the first living product to achieve clinical trial success and US FDA approval. Nancy's technology innovation and product achievements have been recognized with the prestigious "R&D 100" award in 1990 for a sophisticated in vitro test system and a "Best of Biotech" award in 2000 for a tissue engineered cell therapy that remains the leading cell therapy today after blood transfusion. She is listed in Who's Who in America and has served on the Chemical Sciences Roundtable of the National Research Council.

Drawing from her successful experience as a scientific innovator, she co-founded Parenteau BioConsultants in September of 2005 to focus on analyzing, communicating, developing and supporting industry practices that can reduce the development risk of novel technology and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of bioscience R&D.

Dr. Parenteau was named as an International Fellow of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine by the Tissue Engineering Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) “in recognition of [her] formative role in shaping the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine field.” As Managing Member of Parenteau BioConsultants, LLC, Dr. Parenteau currently serves as a scientific and strategic advisor to leading companies involved in regenerative medicine and bioactive products. She has served as a reviewer for translational projects for the NIH SBIR program and CIRM.

At PBC, we continue to practice what we preach. Nancy is the co-founder, President and CSO of Verik Bio, Inc. Verik is developing engineered T cell-based immunotherapies that target the regeneration-capable cells of solid tumors.

Janet Hardin Young, Ph.D.
Janet Hardin YoungTrained as an immunologist at Georgia Tech and Harvard, Dr. Hardin Young has experience building and managing highly productive basic research, preclinical and clinical research teams. During the last 10 years she has set the bar in addressing the safety questions of new technology. Dr. Hardin-Young is the former Senior Director of Technology Implementation at Organogenesis Inc.

Jan has designed and implemented strategies for clinical immunological and safety testing, mechanism of action, establishment of bioequivalence, cell purity and biological assay design and validation, as well as post marketing clinical studies.  She has worked on the safety assessment of biomaterials to complex cellular implants. 

Her clinical testing strategy is now a benchmark for regulatory submissions in the field of cell therapy and tissue engineering having developed an overall strategy and validated clinical assays to demonstrate the safety of the first living cellular device to be approved by the US FDA and Canada.

Her broad bench to market experience has given her first-hand knowledge on how to make the most of basic and applied research; how to focus  efforts to achieve the information needed for the regulatory approval process while minimizing testing and time to approval.  She knows the importance of savvy preclinical development - that new technology needs new solutions and that even simple biological tests can be keys to success. 

As a seasoned industry veteran and co-founder of Parenteau BioConsultants, Jan is committed to devising realistic strategies and providing the kind of input and support that can increase the success of innovative bioscience from bench to market.

Jan is active in the advance of cutting edge T cell-based cancer immunotherapies for the treatment of solid tumors as co-founder and Vice President of Translational Biology of Verik Bio.

Susan J. Sullivan, Ph.D.

Susan J.
                                                    SullivanDr. Sullivan brings over twenty-five years of experience in Biotechnology Research and Management in start-up and mid-size companies.Trained as a cell biologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Susan was at the forefront of the development of cell-based products and provided key scientific leadership in four private companies. Advancing these programs included obtaining several Phase I and II SBIR grants as well as a $3M NIST grant from the Department of Commerce and resulted in publications in prominent scientific journals including Science, Nature Biotechnology and Transplantation.

Susan expanded upon this proven track record of building and mentoring high performance teams by taking on a position as the Director of Alliance Management at ImmunoGen, Inc.  In this role, she managed a broad portfolio of Alliance parterships using ImmunoGen platform technology to develop targeted therapies for oncology. Working with diverse companies ranging from small biotech to Norvartis and Sanofi through discovery, development and Phase I/II Clinical Trials, she has extensive expertise in building productive relationships, implementing alliance practices and governance and training and coaching of project teams.  During her tenure at ImmunoGen, twelve partnered products entered clinical trials.

Susan is a strong problem-solver able to provide guidance on defining program strategies designed to achieve development goals.  This includes identification of strategic and resource gaps and implementation of solutions to address needs of internal and external programs.  She has worked extensively with Business Development to incorporate implementation strategy into License and Collaboration agreements and with Legal teams to craft operational Agreements including Manufacturing and Supply, Quality and Safety.  Susan is a strategic thinker able to align scientific, operational and business objectives.

Susan is also putting her skills to practice as Vice President of Operations for Verik Bio.



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