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With corroborative value analysis and statistical risk assessment

With dramatic changes in the financial markets and the rising cost of bioscience development amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars invested in each product candidate, there is a pressing need for unbiased, comprehensive and corroborative due diligence that can guide private capital and public investment to the strongest life science opportunities. Parenteau BioConsultants and BioRankings are helping to address this need with a new brand of due diligence to meet the needs of life science in 2010 and beyond.

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The Parenteau BioConsultants & BioRankings Alliance

By combining Parenteau BioConsultants’ expertise in biological and immunological science, life science management and concept-to-market development with BioRankings’ broad expertise in biostatistics that encompasses many complex medical areas, the Alliance can assess technical value and risk in a uniquely comprehensive and corroborative way. 

Traditional analyses emphasize time-to-market, market potential and financials, yet a large part of time-to-market, value creation and risk is buried in the use and targeting of a technology and a company’s current ability to manage its execution.

The Alliance analyzes key factors that will impact the likelihood of generating commercial value including:

* The likelihood of reaching therapeutic effectiveness based on science and statistical analysis of existing data in the space

* The comparative strength of a company’s therapeutic target, approach and commercial strategy within a broad competitive landscape

* The company’s life science management strategy – pivotal to value creation and competitive position

Lending credence to time-to-market estimates, market projections and financial estimates for more confident investment decisions.

Wish your life science investments were less risky and more rewarding? They can be.
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Immunotherapy Demystified: Investing in High Risk, High Reward Opportunities in Cancer Therapeutics.


BioRankings LLC is a biostatistical consulting service company that makes complex biostatistical ideas understandable.  Founded by Dr. William Shannon, Associate Professor of Biostatistics in Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, BioRankings LLC brings over 20 years of applied biostatistical expertise in biomedical, pharmaceutical, and biotech research.  In addition to over 80 peer-reviewed publications in diverse areas such as oncology, pediatrics, genetics, cardiology, pulmonology, infectious disease, sleep medicine, health care delivery, and many other areas, the BioRankings LLC staff have advanced technical expertise in biotechnology, genetics, cell and molecular biology, and technical writing. Additional information about BioRankings can be found at