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The majority investing in biological therapies, whether developed in small biotech companies or large pharma, think that life science investing is like high stakes gambling. Biotech might as well be a black box. After all, “Who the heck knows?” Well some do know, and now you can.

It's time to know more.

By combining Parenteau BioConsultants’ expertise in biological and immunological science, life science management and concept-to-market development with BioRankings’ broad expertise in biostatistics that encompasses many complex medical areas, the Alliance is able to assess technical value and risk in a uniquely comprehensive and corroborative way - putting investors in the know. 

Together, Parenteau BioConsultants and BioRankings examines key factors that impact the life science commercialization:
  • the likelihood of reaching therapeutic effectiveness based on scientific and medical validity and statistical due diligence of existing data
  • the comparative strength of a company’s technology and commercial strategy
  • the quality of a company’s life science management practices
Helping stakeholders protect their investment and direct their money to the most promising opportunities and helping companies demonstrate and validate their value to attract investment.

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