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In the past, the majority investing in biological therapies, whether developed in small biotech companies or large pharma, approached their pre-market life science investing as a game of odds. But with value creation the #1 risk in life science, that mentality is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Comparative effectiveness and increasing pricing pressure are changing biotech metrics from evidence of a talent for doing science, raising money and creating potential, to the ability to innovate and use science to generate products with a clinical significance the world's healthcare systems will pay for.

As Wendy Tanaka notes in Forbes: " Venture capitalists need to get a lot more disciplined with their investments if they want to survive the year."  We can expect all major investors and potential partners to vet their investment prospects with increasing care and scrutiny; examining aspects of your business they might have ignored or taken at face value before.

Be sure your company is ready for 2010 with a Due Diligence Checkup.

Our ebook on cancer immunotherapeutics due diligence for investors can give you a sense of what smart investors will be looking for going forward.

Then consider how your company could better demonstrate its value with the help of a Due Diligence Checkup, before you need to raise money, attract a new partner, or support your company's stock price.

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