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About The Alliance

Parenteau BioConsultants, LLC is a life science management consultancy specializing in biological products. BioRankings, LLC is a biostatistics firm specializing in biomedical analysis for investors and industry stakeholders. In 2009 the firms joined forces to deliver a uniquely comprehensive and corroborative brand of life science due diligence for more rewarding biotechnology investment. Learn more...

About the Authors of Immunotherapy Demystified: Investing in High Risk, High Reward Opportunites in Cancer Therapeutics...

Nancy Parenteau, Ph.D.
Nancy is an award wininng biologist and former C-level biotech executive with a soft spot for using immunology. Never shy about the cutting edge, she started her post-graduate career using monoclonal antibodies to study novel complex antigens back in the ‘70s. She’s even used antibodies to study primate evolution. In biotech since the mid-80’s, Nancy is most known for delivering the first regulated living cell therapy to the US market under her watch. She co-founded Parenteau BioConsultants in 2005. Her interest in the application of immunology has continued to grow. 
Nancy is the co-founder, President and CSO of Ingenium BioTherapy Corporation founded in 2011. Ingenium BioTherapy is developing engineered T cell-based immunotherapies that target the regeneration-capable cells of solid tumors.
William Shannon Ph.D.

Bill is Founder and President of BioRankings and an Associate Professor of Biostatistics at Washington University. He has analyzed a broad range of biomedical products and lists among his loyal clients hedge funds, institutional investors, as well as large pharmaceutical companies.

Janet Hardin Young Ph.D.

Jan began her post-graduate training in tumor immunology and then went on to B cell regulation. She joined Nancy in the early 90’s to establish the immune safety of the world’s first FDA-approved (and commercially successful) cell-based therapy; they have been working together ever since. Jan is a co-founder of Parenteau BioConsultants and a co-founder of Ingenium BioTherapy where she serves as the company's Vice President of Translational Biology.