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It's not just experience that counts.
Nancy and Susan have known each other since their postdoctoral days. Remarkably, something attracted them to biotech over academics early in their careers when it was considered a very bold move. Now, they've been in biotech over 30 years and have seen a lot, accomplished a lot, and learned a lot. They were pioneers in the fields of tissue engineering and tissue transplantation respectively and have worked in various capacities in small start-ups as well as public companies. Their experiences have made them adept at life science management and more importantly extremely wise in both what to do and what not to do. Nancy is considered prescient at times for her ability to predict and overcome challenges in bioscience development well ahead of the curve. Susan knows how to build strong, happy, productive teams that can lead the field in tackling complex bioscience. Both know how to design and build successful products from bench to market–their own contributions still highly competitive in the marketplace today.

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Nancy Parenteau

Susan Sullivan

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