Management Coaching and Training...

Why invest in life science management coaching?
Because in the end, success comes down to how well you manage the possibilities money and technology offer.

"It is not necessary for a business to grow bigger; but it is necessary that it constantly grow better."  Peter F. Drucker

Coaching and Problem Solving
Via Teleconference

A cost-effective way to get timely advice on specific management or career challenges as needed...

    * Individualized, interactive session
    * One or more participants (We recommend no more than 5)
    * Private and strictly confidential, can be under a CDA**
    * Participants may provide pertinent background information beforehand**
    * The participant or team leader receives a recording of the session and a written
summary of our recommendations

Preliminary consult with individual or team leader (30 min.): Free of charge  
Subsequent coaching and training fees are per session. A per session fee will be quoted after the preliminary consult.

**Fees are based on whether it is done under a CDA, the degree of specific background work required or requested by the client, the number of people attending the session, and the length of the session. 

Teleconferences can be combined with one or more on-site visits (recommended).
Since teleconference fees are substantially less than on-site visits it allows you customize your training and coaching to fit your budget. Use our help for a specific issue as needed or structure ongoing coaching for your key employees.

Relevant presentations for download:

Drucker Essentials

Translating Complex Biology

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