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Corroborative value analysis and statistical risk assessment for better investments, deals and partnerships

Together with BioRankings LLC, Parenteau BioConsultants provides present and potential stakeholders analysis that gets down to the real-life factors that impact the ability to generate commercial output, whether it is in a specific company or an entire technology space.

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Information and analysis for stronger product strategy

The kind of information and analysis chief scientists
wish they had, know they need, but don't have the time or resources to develop.

Why invest in a PBC Paths for Progress™ Report?
unassimilated information, what are you missing?
Because Paths for Progress are unique in providing working knowledge and analysis beyond what can be readily accessed or accumulated by other means.  They are a resource that can be turned to throughout the course of product and pipeline development as needs arise - enabling your staff to easily gain the knowledge and insight they need to be maximally productive.

How do they improve the development of technology and products?

Our reports contain information and tools that enable innovative, strategic effectively target...the 3 r's
      • the right indication
      • in the right way
      • at the right time

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