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The CSO Report
Achieving Medical and Commercial Success in

Wound Repair and Regeneration
Cutaneous Healing
First Edition
September 2006

Our illustrations are original artwork designed to expressly convey and summarize the scientific content in PBC Paths for Progress reports.  All sample illustrations are taken from The CSO Report on "Cutaneous Healing."
Copyright © 2006 by Parenteau BioConsultants, LLC.

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The extrinsic clotting cascade
Clotting and the communication of injury

Hypoxia-inducible factor and its relationship to wound repair

Fibroblast growth factor signaling depends on multiple factors

Hepatocyte growth factor: Proteolytic activation upon injury

TGFbeta activation

The classical NF-kappa B pathway

Dermal Repair
The imperfect world of dermal regeneration

The Diabetic Foot
The pathology of the diabetic foot ulcer

The fibroblast in injury and repair