The Medical Use and Commercialization of Human Stem Cells, Part 1
by Nancy L. Parenteau, Ph.D. with Janet Hardin Young, Ph.D.human stem cells
March 2007
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Demonstrating the potential of stem cells is not the challenge.  It is knowing how to use it.
Acquire expert technical and business perspective and practical advice from one of the most accomplished scientists and executives in the cell therapy business.

Market research reports and projections are only meaningful if you are able to reach the market.
Understand the biological underpinnings, current state of the field, points to consider and best practices.

Get an insider's guide to medical and commercial potential, approached from the rare perspective of a potential competitor or partner and investor -- with recommendations for the way forward.
Part 1:
  • The science, strategy for use, business models and commercialization potential are detailed for cells derived from:
    • bone marrow
    • umbilical cord
    • adipose tissue
    • amnion and placenta
  • Applications in key medical indications like cardiac and bone repair are discussed.
  • Company profiles, target indications, product strategy and technology comparisons are included.
Get the information you need to formulate and implement strong strategic bioscience...

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"My congratulations on an excellent audiobook.  I have listened to half and am suitably impressed.  I will be suggesting that my colleagues listen to this to gain insight on how to properly structure their pre-clinical cellular therapy trials."
Director, Regenerative Medicine


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Regenerative Medicine, July 2009, Vol. 4, No. 4, Pages 601-611.

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