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Many advanced wound therapies still fail to make it to the market.
Ones that do, struggle to develop a place in the market.

Your product doesn't have to be one of them.

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To discover your product's best purpose, place and path
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Cutaneous Healing Report in 5 Units

Achieving Medical and Commercial Success in
Wound Repair and Regeneration

Cutaneous Healing
CSO Report
by Nancy L. Parenteau Ph.D. with
Janet Hardin Young Ph.D.

First Edition
September 2006

The Cutaneous Healing is a comprehensive analysis of the biology of skin repair and regeneration. It provides you with a road map for successful evaluation, strategic planning and implementation of products that will affect repair and regeneration.

Unique features:

  • contains a comprehensive examination of general and specific biological mechanisms
  • draws from analysis of normal processes as well as abnormal ones
  • includes what can be learned from:
    • stem cell biology
    • mechanisms of cancer progression
    • inflammatory response
    • fibrosis
    • various human conditions that fail to regenerate
  • content is condensed and synthesized to deliver the maximum amount of knowledge, information and know-how in the fewest pages possible
  • amply illustrated for rapid recognition and easy integration of information
  • includes an extensive bibliography in Endnote® 8.0 and simple text with abstracts.

Challenge your views and opinions -- see cutaneous healing in a new way with our unique analytical methods and treatment of the information. 

The Cutaneous Healing CSO report is for Chief Scientists and other senior-level executives tasked with bringing a bioscience product to market. 394 pages, including 29 illustrations and 25 tables, in two volumes, 700+ reference master Endnote® (ISI) bibliography, text bibliography by author with abstracts, and selected illustrations in PowerPoint (Microsoft Office) $4898.00 (CD-ROM).

*Table of Contents - 5 Units (PDF)

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  • A specially edited version of the CSO report (all units) for non-science executives (no longer available separately)
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