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Fine-Tuning Leadership Practices

Studies estimate that only 10-20% of bioscience product candidates will make it to market; even fewer will be company-sustaining. The good news is that the most impactful way to improve your odds, no matter what the technogical challenge, or where you are on the journey from concept to market, is to be sure that your leadership practices stay current. Our program of guided self-assessment makes sure that your leadership practices are primed for the challenges, enabling you to achieve the greatest impact, benefiting you, your team, and your company. The program includes the best research and practices from leadership experts, curated for bioscience—while taking advantage of all that we learned over 30 years in developing a first-in-class, best-in-class, product in a new field, and through Parenteau BioConsultants since 2005. Live weekly mastermind sessions provide a valuable opportunity to learn from peers.

When to Seek Advice

We're passionate about helping bioscience teams propel the timely creation of impactful bioscience products. Take advantage of our 30 years of experience to support your decisions and boost your competitive edge. It is true that Mother Nature ultimately determines how effective our products will be. However, we can't blame Mother Nature for why many bioscience candidates never make it to market. We know that wise application of science, use of technology, design decisions, efficient execution, and how hurdles are handled are all factors in successful translation, yet achieving them isn't easy. Tapping into our experience to gain a fresh perspective or an outside opinion can help when, for example, you're not sure whether to work through or work around a development hurdle or whether it's time to kill a program, double down, or change direction. We've likely dealt with something similar.