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Performing biological research is relatively easy, but getting what you truly need from it is hard. If anything, it's getting ever harder as information increases. You do not learn nor often acquire translational skills in school, a postdoc, or running an academic research lab. Truth is, even many in today's bioscience companies are still learning from trial and error, too often hoping the data will automatically reveal a path forward. Don't be one of them. Learn from our experience and acquire the skills and tools needed to prioritize, interpret and translate biological data as few can. We invite you to become part of an elite group of scientists and engineers that can truly lead the way.

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We're passionate about sharing how to use biological data to propel the successful discovery and timely creation of impactful bioscience products. Let's be honest, Mother Nature ultimately determines how effective these products will be. Today's rapid development of technologies is creating exciting medical possibilities, but they'll require wise application. The better you can work with biological data, the wiser you will be. It will be a major factor in your team's ability to successfully move from possibility to opportunity, and ultimately, to positively impacting patient lives. Our mission is to support you in being wise, astute leaders in bioscience development.