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Continuing Education on Leadership

Boost your odds of success and stay ahead of the curve, regardless of the technological challenges you face or where you are in your career journey, by keeping your leadership practices up-to-date. Change is inevitable, and your leadership will be confronted with different obstacles throughout your professional life. Our on-demand guided self-assessment programs ensure that your leadership remains transformational, equipping you with the tools to overcome any challenge and achieve the greatest possible impact for yourself, your team, and your company. Beginning in March 2023, we're launching a suite of programs that cater to leaders at all levels of experience, featuring the latest research and best practices from the experts on leadership, as well as insights drawn from Nancy's 30+ years of successful first-hand leadership experience and advising knowledge-worker teams since 2005. Our resources offer ongoing professional education, real-world examples, and unique insights for engaging and retaining strong expert teams. Click the continuing education link above for our articles on leadership and current programs.

When to Seek Advice

We're passionate about helping life science teams propel the timely creation of impactful products. Take advantage of  decades of experience and concept to market expertise  to support your leadership practices and management decisions to boost your team's competitive edge. How hurdles are anticipated and handled are critical factors in successful innovation, yet optimum performance is challenging to sustain. You can look to us for advice that supports your management and leadership at any stage of development and times of rapid growth or company transitions. Tapping into our experience to gain a fresh perspective can help when, for example, you're not sure what is causing a current leadership challenge like loss of productivity or team culture, evidence of quiet quitting or passive-aggressive behavior in your knowledge-worker team, or how to attract, build and retain a stellar expert team in a competitive field.