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Executive Coaching, Consulting, and Education for Life Science

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Leadership that creates impact 

Maintain exemplary leadership that keeps you and your expert team at the top of your game

Coaching that reduces risk of failure

Effectively tackle hurdles with astute leadership and life science management practices

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Careers and programs on a fast track

Maintain a momentum continually energized by your self-confidence and a team on the same page

Leadership Problem Solving and Coaching

We're passionate about helping life science teams propel the timely creation of impactful products through their leadership practices. Take advantage of decades of leading life science, concept to market expertise. Our analysis and coaching support will optimize your leadership practices and decision-making, decreasing development risk with increased confidence and certainty that you have what it takes to succeed even in the most trailblazing, competitive environments.

How hurdles are anticipated and handled are critical factors in successful innovation, yet optimum performance is challenging to sustain without leadership practices that evolve to meet the need. You can look to us for guidance that supports your management and leadership at any stage of development, whether it's a time of rapid growth or a painful company transition. We'll help you quickly turn around a loss of productivity or an undesirable change in company culture. Exemplary leadership guarantees you will never struggle to attract and retain a world-class team or differentiate your company in a crowded field.

Executive Education on Leadership

Boost the enjoyment in what you do while improving your odds of success, regardless of the technological challenges you face or where you are in your career journey, by working on your leadership skills. Change is inevitable, and your leadership should continue to evolve as you encounter different obstacles throughout your professional life.Our resources cater to leaders with different levels of experience, featuring the latest research and best practices from the experts on leadership, as well as insights drawn from Nancy's 30+ years of successful first-hand leadership experience and advising life science teams since 2005. What we offer is continually evolving to provide the highest value in ongoing professional education in life science leadership.

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